« I come to Mentor-Escale to meet someone trustworthy who can lead me towards my future »

« When I feel bad, I go to Mentor-Escale »
9 June 2017

« I come to Mentor-Escale to meet someone trustworthy who can lead me towards my future »

Mawa – Guinée Conakry

She arrived in Belgium at age of 16 with her child of 8 months.

I come to Mentor-Escale to meet someone trustworthy who can lead me towards my future.

I am a guinean refugee. I left Guinea after I was married by force. I endured physical violence and mistreatment from my husband. I flew from my country after 5 months of marriage. I was helped by a mother of my best friend who found me a contact person living in Belgium.
When I arrived in Belgium, I slept in a certain woman’s house for a night.

The next day, she took me to the foreigners’ office and after a long interview, I was directed to the “Observation and Orientation Center of Neder-Over-Hembeek. At the beginning it wasn’t easy for me, but with the welcome and support that I had from my social assistant working in the center and of the whole team, things went better. I considered my social assistant as my mother. My tutor also helped me a lot on the psychological level and supported me with material stuff.
Two weeks later, I was transferred to the FEDASIL Center of Florennes. It was also difficult because I had just tried to settle in the previous center and I was good there. Luckily for me, I have a friend of mine who also from Neder-Over-Hembeek had been transferred to Florennes. That helped me to find new friends. My assistant from Florennes helped me to get settled into the center and step by step, I was able to make friends with other young people.

For school, I am enrolled at the ITN of Namur in the intermediary class, which enabled me to be directed to the grade 5 of Technical Accountancy. Then I realized that I was pregnant. I was then transferred to the Fedasil Center of Rixensart. In order not to lose my academic year, I got enrolled in Social Technics, still in Accountancy. But after giving birth, I had difficulties in continuing school.

I knew Mentor-Escale through a person from the center. She spoke to me when I had just been recognized as refugee. She advised me to go and meet that service team because they help young people to manage their lives alone especially when they must get out of the center. I was able to meet the team and explain my problem. My social assistant had explained to me that in life, there are moments which are a bit more difficult than others and that one has to keep hope and that through my problems, he will be there to support and help me solve them. He also told me that I am young and still have many things to see in life…So I have to focus on my life projects. I come frequently to Mentor-Escale to meet a trustworthy person to help me move forward in my life with my child.

To have a child isn’t easy, but I have support and that helps me manage everything. Also, I just found a place in a child keeping service near my home. I had been searching for many months in order to continue my studies because it’s fundamental for my projects. I will be able to be autonomous without depending on other people and fight for my child to protect him from what I went through. I want him to have a better future.

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