“Mentor-Escale, it’s a family for many”

“Syria has become a very dangerous place because of war.”
9 June 2017

“Mentor-Escale, it’s a family for many”

Sonia – Rwanda

She arrived in Belgium when she was 15 years with her young brother who was 12.

“Mentor-Escale, it’s a family for many”.

I am 21 years and am a student in BAC 1 in a Nurse School in Wallonia.

I left my mother country Rwanda 6 years ago because of political problems which my father was going through. I arrived with my brother who was 12 years at that time.

Life wasn’t easy upon our arrival in Belgium: to be far from our country, to be without news from our family, to live in another environment, a new culture, to learn French, to meet unknown people and to have to trust them, to know nothing about the future,…the list is still long! But they designated an awesome tutor for us, and we were also helped by an excellent lawyer. Because of their commitment and good will, we were recognized as refugees.

Then our tutor told us about Mentor-Escale. It’s an association that helps the foreign UM on the administrative, social and psychological level. Mentor-Escale found us a transit home upon our exit from the Center and enabled us to be supported by a social assistant for the administrative follow-up, by an educator concerning the daily life, by an animator concerning extra scholar activities and to be followed up in our scholarship. It’s a well organized context and we also meet other young people. Mentor-Escale, it’s a family for many.

When we had to leave the transit family we were in, Mentor-Escale helped us to find an apartment in Brussels and accompanied us to meet the landlady. She accepted to rent the apartment to us and we were able to settle in a calm environment. It helped us to continue our studies while continuing to benefit from the support of educators and our social assistant. My young brother passed his S4 of general studies and is now in S5. Recently we moved again because I started a Formation in the Nurse school in another town. Mentor-Escale found another tenant to rent our apartment and found a studio for my young brother so he could stay in Brussels. They are always on our side in hard times, changes but also to share our joy and success.

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