“Syria has become a very dangerous place because of war.”

“Mentor-Escale, it’s a family for many”
9 June 2017
« Today I am 17, I am in the 4th year of mechanics area and I have work aside »
9 June 2017

“Syria has become a very dangerous place because of war.”


Arrived alone in Belgium at 17 years.

Syria has become a very dangerous place because of war.

I am from Syria. I am in Belgium since 2 years. I came here because there is war in my country. Today I am 19 years old. When I came here, I was 17 years and alone, without my parents.

I would like to explain to you what war does when it touches your country, but it’s difficult to find the rights words. War can occur so suddenly. One day, all is well, and the next day, you have lost all you had built for your life. When war occurs to your country, it brings hunger, fear and insecurity. People who die at your side, your parents, your friends, your teachers…
Now most people in my country are refugees, dispatched all over the world, like my grandmother. All my life, my grandmother took care of me. Today she is in Turkey, I had to live her behind me because she was too ill and too old to be able to continue the journey. I try to make her come to Belgium but I don’t succeed. I miss her so much!

I study to become an Office Assistant in a school in Zaventem. Sometimes it’s difficult for me because I am a new student and it’s only since one year that I study in Deutch. I would like to succeed in my studies, work and have a family. I hope that one day I’ll be able to go back to visit my country.

At Mentor-Escale, they showed me the way so I can continue my life here. They first find me an apartment and to put my papers in order. Then they found me a school. Until now, they are are always there for me whenever I need help. We do activities and make parties, sometimes we cook and eat together. When I am sick, I call Mentor-Escale. When I feel bad, I go to Mentor-Escale but also when I am happy. When I have a problem or when I simply want to talk to someone, I go to Mentor-Escale.

It’s very important to have people whom I can trust and with whom I can discuss very personal issues. I have no one else to do it with. Sometimes at school, they ask for being put into contact with my parents. Then I tell them that they have to call Mentor-Escale. It’s for all those reasons that I say that Mentor-Escale is like my family because for me, that’s what the word “family” means.

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