Helpdesk Manorea : Autonomy Expertise of the UMs

Helpdesk Manorea : Autonomy Expertise of the UMs

You question yourself on putting into autonomy the Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UMs)?

Can a minor sign a rent contract? Can a UM tutor give warranty for rent? What’s the role of the tutor in the putting into autonomy of the UM? What are the rights of the UM if he only has a temporary stay permit? Which are the necessary documents for opening a bank account? Can a UM take a job? Does he/she need a work permit? The subsidiary protection and the refugee status, do they give access to the same rights? Does a teenager have right to access the Social Integration Income from the CPAS “(Public Center of Social Action)”? How does one make the UMs be aware of the administrative difficulties of the autonomous life? And the health insurance, how does it work? How to plan for a better scholar orientation? Where can I find an interpreter? …

For all those questions and even more, Mentor-Escale and Minor-Ndako associate their expertise to be on your side during the accompaniment you give to the UMs. From now on, you can contact Helpdesk Manorea.

The Manorea project

In Amharique, Manorea means a place where you exist. In their everyday’s actions, social interveners enable each accompanied young person to make him or herself a place in the society and become an acting person, autonomous, beholder of rights and duties.

Manorea is a bilingual partnership between two associations which work with the UMs in Brussels, Flanders and in Wallonia. With many years of experience in accompaniment of the UMs, especially in their follow up towards autonomy, we mutually exchange our knowledge in order to bring light in your accompaniment.

In fact, autonomous life for the young people who newly arrived, coming from host centers and who don’t have full knowledge of the country language or social and cultural Belgian codes are a real challenge. Luckily, many actors mobilize themselves near them: Centre for Help to the People, Aid for Youth, Public Center of Social Action (CPAS), ILA, Host center, etc.

The Manorea Helpdesk is there for you, daily interveners or on a permanent basis near the UMs in their journey towards autonomy. Do not hesitate to contact our teams for any questions that you may have concerning the accompaniment towards autonomy for the UMs, either be for administrative questions , law, social, etc…

The Manorea team of Mentor-Escale and Minor-Ndako will support you in your searching for information and solutions, by bringing you adapted answers according to the profiles of the young people.

Contact the helpdesk

You can contact Manorea by mail or by phone on the following address:

FR : 0485 / 454.093

NL : 02/274 09 70

You can also visit our page for Frequently asked Questions (FAQ). You can find there the most asked questions and also the answers brought up by our teams.