Project presentation

After obtaining the refugee status, it’s not rare that the UM suffers from loneliness. They must live the center environment, face many administrative procedures and go live alone. For the young people that we support, we suggest a mentor, (man or woman) or a mentoring family in order to strengthen their contacts in Belgium and to enable a reel adaptation.

This is addressed in priority to young people beneficiating from an individual follow-up at Mentor-Escale, and also to those participating in collective activities. It is social assistants who determine which young people can go into the mentorship project. Concerning mentors and mentoring families, there are no typical profiles but some relational competencies are indispensable, a curiosity and an interest for inter culture among others. It’s also necessary to have some availability to be able to meet the child following a basis to be determined together.

A typical certificate called  «  certificat de bonnes vies et mœurs modèle 2A » will be also asked for before beginning the mentorship.

Preparation of mentors

We meet interested people in order to explore with them their motivations for smentorship, eventually their experiences in the past in this type of project and present them the life reality of the young people awaiting mentorship. Together we set up the mentorship project.

Once the project is set up, the profile of the young person is presented to the mentor and a first meeting is arranged afterwards.

Preparing the children

The social or educative referee of the young person at Mentor-Escale talks to him/her about the project and analyzes his/her motivation. If the person is interested, an interview is planned in order to talk about his/her expectations and in the mentorship context. After that, the Mentor-Escale team starts looking for a mentor (man or woman). Once we have found a person or a family who is suitable for the young person, we talk about it to the young refugee and organize a first meeting with them.

Follow up of the mentorship

A phone contact is made after the first and the second meeting. A project referee remains reachable for the people taking part of the project and that is all along the mentorship. Regular meetings are organized in order to assure a follow-up and a good functioning of the mentorship.

To become a mentor

If you are intersted in this project, please contacte Julie Charlet :