The Mentor-Escale public

The Mentor-Escale public

In 2017, 311 youths have benefited from our action.

Among those 149 young people, 61 were followed-up in Namur, 80 in Brussels and 8 in our new branch in Liège.

In 2017, we took in charge 73 new situations.

In order to beneficiate from an individual follow-up towards autonomy, the young person has:

  • To be or having been UM (Unaccompanied Minor),
  • To be able, with an appropriate follow-up, to live in a home in autonomy (or semi-autonomy)
  • To adhere to our supervisory system (sign and accept the rules)

In order to participate to collective activities, the young person must

  • To be less than 26 years old,
  • To be or to have been UM,
  • To have officially declared his/her entry on the Belgian territory,
  • To adhere to our supervisory system (sign and accept the rules)

Some children can be welcomed in host families. These are chosen according to objective criteria:

  • To be less than 15 years old or
  • To be a member of a family that has a young person of less than 15 years or
  • To be a minor of more than 15 years old and present particular psycho-social characteristics.

And consider according to individual observation, for example:

  • The child expresses the wish to grow in a family,
  • The Unaccompagnied Migrant child (UM) is very young and would take good advantage of the family environment because the time in the Host Center seems to be long.
  • The UM is vulnerable, we don’t imagine him/her in autonomy before many years,