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9 June 2017

« I come to Mentor-Escale to meet someone trustworthy who can lead me towards my future »

I am a guinean refugee. I left Guinea after I was married by force. I endured physical violence and mistreatment from my husband. I flew from my country after 5 months of marriage. I was helped by a mother of my best friend who found me a contact person living in Belgium.
9 June 2017

« When I feel bad, I go to Mentor-Escale »

In order to bring money to my family, I had to think of doing prostitution, it was the only way for the young girls to make money. My mother didn’t want that and she sent me to live with my brother in Luxemburg when I was 13. I stayed there for one year but my sister-in-law was so violent with me. Then my brother told me to go to a friend, who raped me.
9 June 2017

« Today I am 17, I am in the 4th year of mechanics area and I have work aside »

Today I am 17, I am in the 4th year of mechanics area and I have work aside. At the beginning, I had difficulties to understand because of the language. An educator helped me find a school and get subscription. Today I speak and understand French very well.


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